A Great Place to Sit and Talk!

I am starting this blog to provide a place where ideas and knowledge can be shared and exchanged, not to be shunned when the opinions presented are not politically correct. As an eternal student of truth, my hope is to create a safe haven for information, and everyone’s truth.

I, myself have blogged on several sites, and no matter what information I personally brought to the table, it was mostly ridiculed, if the opinions did not match those of the regulars on the sites.

It appears the blogs were mostly older folks with hardened ideas and opinions.  Maybe as we grow older, many really do have hardening of the arteries of the brain! Maybe, because of this, it really is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. I am not exactly young, but my mind is open for new information. I hope you are a seeker of the truth, as well.

It can definitely be said that any added commentary brought about much dialogue and even more fire out of the regular bloggers.  Actually, in overviewing the blog, if I had not joined the conversation, the whole of it was a total comedy, and the bloggers added little to the articles, but “alright” or ” “thank you”, or ” right on”. How boring! It just seemed they had no opinions of their own,

Let’s kick this conversation off!  What are you thinking  about?  What topics do you have an interest in? Let the games begin!   Thanks, and Happy Blogging !   Chris